I am passionate about design and love what I do, always striving to exceed your expectations.

Odyssey Creative is the name of my company because I take great satisfaction in the problem-solving aspect of web design and often learn during the Journey of design.

I feel that the better I have understood your business and it’s goals the more armed I am when creating a solution that will help you achieve those goals.

Collaborative Design

Just because a Website looks good doesn’t mean it will be an effective Website, when creating a website it is important for your website to really reflect your core brand values.

Communicating with your target audience and differentiating your Business from your competitors is key, so it is important to work together so that we can create a solution that will communicate with your customers and help you achieve your goals.

Creating a Website won’t be labor intensive on your side, but I will need to get a good understanding of your business and the goals that you wish to achieve through the creation of your Website.

Here is a Customer Case study to give you an insight into the design process.


Collaborate with our customers to create the best possible original Web design solutions and Branding, which helps them communicate with their customers and grow their brand.

– To look for the best possible solution and not the easiest.

– To get a good understanding of what your business is all about and what are the goals that you would like to achieve through creating a website and create a solution that that helps you fulfil those goals.

Why Choose Odyssey

  • Responsive design as standard – Having a Website that works well and looks good on Mobile device is now essential.
  • High quality and Modern Websites built with passion.
  • Emphasise on Functionality as well as design.
  • Bespoke Web solutions which are tailed to your business and it’s customers.
  • Web Design and Branding solutions charged with no hidden costs.
  • SEO Friendly